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Top 5 destinations I’m planning/hoping to visit this year

jumperdress4Wearing: jumper dress via ASOS comes in grey too, boots Stuart Weitzman, bag Gucci, earrings Baublebar, sunglasses Chanel

Ok I admit these photos were taken few months ago when there were still leaves on the ground, so they may seem irrelevant. But a) January is not that photogenic and the weather we have been having lately has been awful and b) I live in jumper dresses from early autumn, all throughout winter until early Spring. So I have worn this or very similar outfit many times since we took these photos.

But what I want to be talking about today is not what I’m wearing but what I’m planning to do this year, or more specifically where I’m planning to go. Yes January is depressing and seems never ending that’s why I’ve already started thinking about where I want to visit this year and I already booked two trips. I’ve been a busy girl who needs something to look forward to!

There are five main destinations I would like to cover in 2018. Two are places I’ve been before and three are completely new for me. So let’s start with what I booked already:

  1. Barcelona – I must say overall Spain doesn’t appeal to me that much. I don’t know why. I’ve always been drawn to Italy and France much more. But Barcelona looks amazing and some of the architecture there is unbelievable. I am going mid-March for a long weekend and I am actually getting pretty excited. I’ve been looking on Instagram for some inspiration and have found many places I’d like to see while I’m there. Apart from the obvious like Park Guell and Sagrada Familia I’ve found out there is an Arc of Triumph that certainly rivals the one in Paris and I’ve even found pink palace that I simply must see! I can’t wait to share with you the trip later in March but in the meantime if you have been to Barcelona, feel free to give me any tips on places to eat, see and things to do.
  2. Florence – for an art lover and someone who loves Italy as much as I do, it’s a surprise it’s taken me so long to visit Florence. It really should have been the number one, but better late than never. I’ve booked a trip for a 5 days in May and I cannot wait. There is so much to see in Florence not only when it comes to beautiful architecture and sights but it’s a place where Renaissance was born and the art on display there is just out of this world. Botticelli and his Birth of Venus is one of my favourite paintings and you can bet I will be visiting it in the Uffizi gallery. That’s one of the places I’m most excited to see. But I think I will love everything about Florence. And like I said I love Italy anyway, the food and everything else so this is a trip that literally can’t come quick enough.
  3. Amsterdam – I’ve never been to Holland and have heard many good things about the capital. I also follow a blogger who’s from there and it looks so pretty. I think I want to go for a long weekend. I want to check out the architecture and there are some interesting museums to see too. Haven’t booked anything yet, but this should definitely happen this year.
  4. New York City – I visited in 2010 (which seems like a century ago) and have been meaning to go back ever since. For one reason or another it hasn’t happened yet but it’s a top top of my list. I’m thinking about going in September because that’s a good time to travel to most places and the weather is usually very pleasant or I’m tempted to wait and go before Christmas to see all the Christmas decorations. The only problem with that is the unpredictable weather. NYC is know for its blizzards and I wouldn’t want to have any issues with flights and also I’m not a big fan of “winter” holidays, if anything I prefer to chase the sun.  But hopefully I can plan something because I really love New York and I feel I actually haven’t done that much last time I went. Plus it was so long ago it’s definitely time to go back.
  5. Paris – yes I’ve been to Paris many times already but there is so much more to see. For example (and you won’t believe this) I still haven’t been inside the Louvre. The reason being I know when I go there it will kill good part of a day and there have been many places I wanted to see prior to doing that. But it has to be done. And also many other things. What I love about living in London is that it’s so easy to jump on a Eurostar and be in Paris in few hours. I went many time for one day only and you can do a lot even in a day. There will definitely be more day trips this year. I just can’t get enough of the French Capital.

I also want to explore more of the UK. I love the British country side and for example I still haven’t been to Devon or Cornwall and I heard they are both beautiful. There is just so much to see in the world and I want to see it all.

What are your travel plans for this year? Have you booked any holidays yet? What are your favourite countries to travel to?




Have a stylish day.


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