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Ready for Spring


Coat Whistles, jeans J Brand, shirt Joie, shoes and sunglasses Chanel, bag Gucci

Ok so I’m going to start with contradicting myself. Although I am SO ready for Spring and want to talk more about Spring trends and so on, I want to talk first about this coat, but hopefully it’s the last time this season I am talking about coats and from next post on it’ll be all SPRING, SPRING, SPRING.

The reason I want to talk about this coat is because a) I love it and b) it’s an alert for tall girls like me. I’m sorry if you don’t fall into that category but all tall girls will relate how difficult it is to buy certain things. People say things like you’re lucky because you’re tall and you can wear this and that but they don’t realise there’s many things we can’t wear. Or we can but they just don’t look right. One of the things that can be tricky is things with belts, The belts just sit in the wrong place on us and it doesn’t always work. And I love belted/wrap items because they give an illusion of a waist that is not very prominent on me..

Anyway I really wanted to buy a nice coat in the sales as an investment for next winter but also for the fact that by the time the sales come you have been already living in your coats for quite some time and you’re probably bored of them so it’s nice to add something fresh. I was looking at various places and that’s how I discovered Whistles. It’s not a place I’m used to shopping at (not sure why) but it turns out they’re good for taller girls. I tried few coats on in there and they fitted very well. The belts fit where they’re supposed to and they have some nice styles at reasonable prices (especially in sales). And since then few people confirmed to me that Whistles really is made for taller girls. So I’m going to explore it more..

And that’s me finished with winter now. I am totally over it now and literally cannot wait for the weather to warm up and start shedding layers. So I promise from now on I’ll be only sharing Spring looks. I’ve bought few new season pieces recently which I can’t wait to show you and I’m going to Barcelona next week which will be perfect opportunity to wear some of them. Bring it on! I want to start YouTube soon and will try to shoot something in the Spanish city so hopefully you’ll like it. I will tell you all about it nearer the time.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is my new found love for pyjama shirts. They’re becoming more and more popular and now I can see why. It’s interesting because I find them quite masculine and my style is very feminine, but you can actually wear them a feminine way and they’re so cool and comfy. I am a convert now. It started with this Joie one which I really liked since the first minute I saw it. I guess it was for obvious reasons (it’s pink), but I also like the print and there was simply something about it. Since then I’ve been eyeing others as well. There’s many of them around and although I wouldn’t wear the whole pyjama as outerwear look (although never say never) I’ll definitely be adding more of them to my wardrobe.

Do you like pyjama shirts? Do you/would you wear them out with the matching trousers? I’d love to know what you think.








Have a stylish day.



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