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How to dress in between seasons


Zara jeans, top and blazer (seem to have sold out online already!), Dolce and Gabbana bag, shoes and sunglasses Chanel

Although I am very excited for Spring (and it seems we’ve had first few little moments) I find this time of the year very tricky to dress for. Anyone else? It’s still very cold in the mornings but it starts warming up int the afternoons and you’re fed up with your winter coats but you still need something. My tip is definitely layering. AND Spring jackets.

I LOVE Chanel style tweed/boucle jackets and I have quite a few. My dream is to own a Chanel one one day, but for now I buy at least one every season at Zara. They are really one of the best places for nice jackets and blazers and I have quite a collection (few examples herehere and here.) I think they look just as chic with jeans as they do with dresses and you can easily dress them up or down. They are your best friend this time of the year.

When it’s still cool I put winter or trench coat on top (depending on the temperature) and when it warms up I just wear them with a simple top underneath or over dresses. I find them very versatile and keep buying more and more.

I don’t know how about you but I can’t go to Zara and leave empty handed. Like I said, every season I go and see their new jackets, but on my last trip I also picked up these cropped jeans and knitted top which is great for this time of year too (ok maybe not the jeans..). And there have been few trips since.. (guilty face). But Zara is great for updating your wardrobe for Spring without breaking the bank. The older I get the more I appreciate good quality and buying great timeless staples, but adding from high street you can tap into trends and mix and match with your classic pieces.

The downside to shopping at Zara is that thousands of other people will own the same thing. My tip to make your outfit different and more expensive is to add designer accessories. That’s where I invest my money into. I have a weakness for high end handbags but I really do believe they make the outfit. So even though all my clothes in this outfit are from Zara latest collection, I added my new favourite Dolce and Gabanna bag and Chanel slingback (that are the best shoes ever) and I believe that make the outfit stand out more.

What do you think? Do you like this look? What is your Spring must have?





Have a stylish day.



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