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How I dropped a dress size without dieting


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I’m not here to talk about some miracle solution or a quick fix but I did drop a dress size and lost about 7kg not by dieting by changing my overall eating habits and while I had to make some sacrifices I can still eat a lot and never go hungry. And I will share with you my story.

I was always fairly healthy eater. I love fruit and veg, I’m not a big fan of heavy meals and prefer lighter options and I don’t really overeat, but my weakness is and always have been cheese and I used to eat a lot of bread (not because I loved it but because it’s an easy option).

My friend had been telling me for ages about Madeline Shaw books and how she loved the recipes and she felt better eating those delicious meals so I decided to give it a go. I purchased two of Shaw’s books – Ready, steady, glow and Get the glow. Little did I know all of the recipes were gluten and dairy free. So even though I still ate a lot I made two drastic changes – no cheese and milk and bread and pasta.

I switched to drinking black coffee which surprisingly wasn’t that difficult and now I can’t imagine coffee any other way. Cheese was the hardest to give up, but she allows you to have goat’s cheese and halloumi (which is my new obsession) because neither of them contains cow’s milk (it’s lactose from cow’s milk that is bad for you). So that wasn’t actually that bad and I never loved bread so that was easy not to have. I started making her recipes which really are delicious and usually easy to make (I’m not the best of cooks..) and could actually tell a difference in how I felt. What was only originally meant to be a week’s detox has developed into a complete lifestyle change and although I’m not as strict as I have been for first three months, I stick to it about 80 percent of the time because I really do feel better when I eat that way.

The weight loss has been kind of unexpected. It wasn’t why I started it in the first place, but it’s obviously welcome. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and I generally have more energy. Sometimes I slip and eat more naughty food but I can feel the difference and it’s generally easy to go back to my healthy habits. I can really tell when I’m eating good food and when not. I am not a coeliac (allergic to gluten) but maybe I am intolerant as I always used to be bloated and felt sluggish and that has mostly gone and I just genuinely feel better eating this way.

I know there has been a bit of a trend to go gluten free and I don’t thing it’s for everyone, but to be honest for me it was more about giving wheat (which is not the best for anyone..) that has made the biggest difference and of course lactose. I have been reading a lot about it and lactose is actually quite bad for most people and when I do have some (like I said I have my treats nowadays..) I can feel like heavy it is in my stomach. So then I’m happy to go back to being good because it feels better and therefore it’s not difficult to keep these habits. I have my days when I indulge but not very often.

So what I eat in a typical day?

For breakfast I usually have gluten free porridge or musli (I like to make it with water – don’t ask me why), but you can use coconut milk or almond milk (they are both delicious alternatives) I always add cinnamon and some seeds and then vary the toppings like berries or almond butter or whatever else I fancy.

For lunch I will often have rice, quinoa or buckwheat with chicken or fish or roasted vegetables with sweet potatoes. I try to use some of Madeline Shaw’s recipes – the lunches I tend to make the most from her books. After lunch I usually have coffee and a little treat. I love these “healthy cakes” as I call them which are gluten, dairy, wheat and refined sugar free but actually taste amazing. They are a bit pricey but I’d rather get that than a chocolate bar and you know they’re made from good ingredients. There’s a lot of them out there these days and you can get them in healthy shops and many other places.

I need to eat regularly (I’m hungry all the time) so I snack on fruit, nuts or oatcakes.

For dinner it’s usually salad with halloumi, fish or other protein. Dinner is where I am strictest. I have big breakfast and lunch but try to control myself in the evenings. Saying that, when I go out for dinner I often go for steak or burger (and try to resist the fries and bun). But I believe in everything in moderations so sometimes I’ll have the fries and sometimes I will even have pizza!

As I said at the beginning I was strict for about 3 months (that’s when the weight loss happened) but I’ve kept the weight down since even with my healthy cakes and occasional naughty treats. It’s been over a year now and I really do feel better and get compliments all the time how I look better so that always helps đŸ™‚

I hope this was helpful to you. If you’re thinking about making some eating changes I do think these are healthy attainable habits and I would recommend you to get the books as they changed my life and hopefully they will change yours too. If you do so let me know I would love to hear about your experience.

On a quick not I would like to say that we’re very lucky here in London because there is many places with healthy meal options if you want to eat out. This post was show at the Dalloway Terrace where I had a delicious quinoa salad and they had lot of other yummy options too, I also like Elan cafe (they have a great selection of gluten free cakes), but that place get very busy and Farm girl has a lot of great options too. But this is just a few out of many. What are your favourite places for healthy food?

In this post from about year and a half ago you can see the difference in my appearance I think. What do you think?

Have you tried gluten or wheat free diet? Do you consume dairy? How do you feel?







Have a stylish day.


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