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Extreme beauty measures


In today’s beauty post I want to talk about more than just skincare or make up but something rather more radical. How far would you go for beauty?

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my videos talking about an operation I had done whilst on holiday in Czech Republic. I had a closed rhinoplasty or so called nose job without any scars and I also had two moles removed from my lip and forehead.

Above is a picture with before, during and 12 days after the operation, below is a photo from 16 days after the operation. I really wanted to show you everything with no make up and very real so you can really get sense of what it looks like. My nose was bothering me quite some time and for about year and a half to two years I was seriously thinking about getting it done. Why I hadn’t done it earlier I don’t know but it’s the best decision ever.

My main concern was the width of my bridge. I kind of liked the point of my nose and I asked the doctor not to touch that part but mostly wanted it to narrow down. Apart from awkward shape I really struggled with sunglasses – they never fitted properly at the bridge (and yes I’ve been trying loads since my operation and can’t wait to buy some new ones).

My operation took about 1,5 hrs under full anaesthetic and I had to stay in the hospital overnight. I was in no pain whatsoever except for a headache straight after the operation. I had to wear a cast for 9 days and my eyes were bruised and swollen. But I couldn’t believe how quickly all the swelling went down! I was back to work just before the two week mark and even though you could tell I was still a bit swollen it was fine a and I had lots of compliments from people about the result so far.

I’ve been very open about the whole thing and want to share it with people because it can be a scary decision but it’s so worth it. I was mainly excited but on the day I got very very scared and nearly didn’t go into the hospital (what forced me was the amount of people that knew about it) but I’m so glad I did it. I already feel so much better even though I still have at least five more weeks before my nose will  start taking the shape it’s meant to be.

I wanted to look like me but better and I think that’s what we achieved. I think it opened my eyes as well and my face overall looks brighter and that’s what lot of people have been saying so I’m very pleased.

Like I said I’ve been in no pain and I would totally do it again. My only concern since the operation has been my skin. To keep the cast on they put a glue on your skin and when they take it off they used something quite strong to remove the glue. As my skin is quite sensitive already it’s been coming up with spots and my nose has been peeling and it’s overall not great. But I feel like it’s a little price to pay and I’m sure it will get better again. I’ve been giving it extra love and hopefully it’ll get back to normal soon.

If you’re thinking about a nose job and have any questions feel free to ask. I’d be happy to answer any and if it helps with anyone’s decision than I’m happy.

We were not all born perfect and I totally understand that some people can have something they’re not happy about and want to change and I say do it. Some people go to extremes and have done too much and than they don’t look like themselves any more but little bits are ok in my opinion. Now I just need to get my individual eyelashes again (that’s my biggest indulgence and I love them and miss them) but other than that I’m happy.

I’m also having my hair done soon as I haven’t had it done for ages. I’m going for both baliage and a fresh cut. I’m excited for my new look.

Have you had any plastic surgery? Are you against it? What would you have done?


Have a stylish day.


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