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Beauty: Dior facial


In March I was invited by Dior at Harvey Nichols London for a luxurious facial and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was just after the freezing spell we had with lots of snow (which played a havoc on my skin) and my trip to Barcelona (flying never helps a dry skin..) and before my birthday (when you always want to look your best).

I’ve said this here before that I have a very dry skin and shared my routine here, but I realise you have to change your skincare regularly because otherwise your skin gets used to it and the products become less effective. As mentioned above all those circumstances had a really bad effect of my skin and it was in a desperate need of some TLC. So when the invitation came I couldn’t have been more excited.

I was actually planning on trying some new products to really give my skin a hydration boost and after my Dior facial I purchased the Rose serum which has been a lifesaver. I’ve been using it over a month now, mostly at night because that’s when your skin rejuvenate and active ingredients are most effective and I can literally see the difference! I even have a bit of glow which is a rare for me and few people have noticed and commented. If you have a very dry skin, whether always of after this very long and tough winter, you should give this a try.

During my facial Anja (the therapist) mainly used 3 Dior products from the Prestige range. It was the serum that I ended up buying, Nectar and Hydration cream and I got some luxurious samples of those to take home as well and I can tell you I love the whole range. It is a bit pricey, but if your skin needs a boost it’s worth the investment. As I’m getting older I am definitely paying more attention to my skin and pamper it more because it really does make a difference.

Usually this facial is £150 redeemable agains products purchased on the day from Dior and it’s really worth it. I’m already planning to go in May, because regular facials are so important and to get a free facial while purchasing your favourite products from your favourite brand makes a good sense to me.

The whole experience is very relaxing too and who doesn’t need a bit of me time. Anja also gave me a bit of a massage of my shoulders and neck with the Dior oil and it felt heavenly. After you will be glowing I can guarantee you that because I was and my skin is usually very dry.

I must say I’m really into Dior skincare and make up now. I’ve bought quite a few bits from them recently and I’m very happy with them all. I am currently using their foundation and have quite a few lipsticks so will do a review soon.

Have you tried any Dior products? What is your favourite?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love these products.



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Have a stylish day.


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Hair heros

I am very low-maintenance when it comes to beauty. The less products I have to use the better. That’s why it’s even more important to me that they work well.
My hair is very dry after years of dying it and using hot styling tools so a good moisturising hair mask is essential. I swear by Kerastase products and have been using this mask for years. I also sometimes treat myself to their shampoo.
Bumble and Bumble is another great brand. The Curl conscious defining cream is the best if you’re curling your hair. But be careful not to use too much. A little goes a long way.
Bed head After party is a leave-in conditioner I have been using for about ten years. It smells great, but mostly it’s a miracle worker. You can put it into wet or dry hair any time you want and it makes it feel great but doesn’t grease it or weight it down. It’s the best! I don’t see them much in salons any more (cry), but you can get them at ebay at great prices.
L’oreal Elnett are known for their quality. I use the heat defence spray and hair spray to keep my hair at check. High street products with high end qualities.
What are your hair heros?
Have a stylish day.
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My beauty secrets

I’m 32 and my skin is generally in very good condition. Recent tests proved that, so I decided to share my secrets.
1. Drink loads of water. It sounds cliché, but it really is very important. I drink on average 3 liters a day.
2. Cleanse your skin daily. I swear by the One-step gentle exfoliating cleanser by Clarins. It is my favourite Clarins product along with the Nails and hand cream – I have been using both for years.
The cleanser removes all make-up and makes my skin feel super soft after. I can’t imagine my life without it any more. I would love to say I use toner regularly too but I don’t. Really want to get into that routine though.
3. I use SPF on my face daily. The Hydra Quench lotion is everything my skin needs. I used to use the Multi-active Night cream , but now have been given the Vital Light Night to try, so far so good.
4. I was advised by a beautician to use eye cream daily and have been using Eye Revive Beauty Flash ever since.
5. The Hydra Quench Cream mask is new to me. I’ve only used it couple of times so far, but know I’ll buy it again. It smells divine and does exactly what it says.
These products may seem pricey, but you only need to use very little and they last me for up to 6 months. Also I often buy these when they have offers on and you get extra products too. Saves pennies plus you can try new products. I believe your skin is worth investing in and after years of trying I realised this is what works for me.
I am also planning to buy the new Double serum. I was given quite a few samples and loved it.
What skincare do you use? What products do you swear by?
Have a stylish day.
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K, k, k curly!

My natural hair is quite wavy. I used to straighten it for years and it’s become very dry and damaged. I decided to stop fighting with the nature and embrace the curls. But I do need a little help to make them look nice. That’s where Bumble and Bumble Curl defining cream comes in. It’s a miracle worker and smells devine. Whether your curls/waves are natural or created, this will make a difference. Also love this leave-in conditioner. What’s your must-have hair products?
Tatty Devine name necklace.
Have a stylish day.
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Product I can’t live without

I guess we all have favourite creams, lotions and potions, product we swear by and can not live without. One of those for me is Nail and hand cream by Clarins. I’m obsessed with washing my hands and do it like millions time a day. Therefore they get very dry. Plus winter, air conditioning, ageing and so on definitely don’t help. That’s why I rely on this cream. It’s £17 but worth every penny. You should invest in your hands as people notice them and if you’re wearing a nice statement ring they need to be in a good condition. Thanks to this miracle worker not only are my hands nice and soft, over the time I’ve been using it, my nails have become stronger as well! Result!
Have a stylish day.

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beauty secrets

In the last month I’ve been looking at the last decade in fashion and style. And what would a great outfit be, if your face or your hair looked scruffy. The overall look is very important. A bad hair day can literally ruin your mood and even when wearing the most beautiful clothes, you would’t feel great. That’s why I am thankful for GHD hair straightening irons. GHD stands for Good Hair Day and it lives up its reputation. I can’t imagine my life without it!
My perfume Number 1 is Chanel Chance. It’s my timeless classic and it’s a scent I will never get bored off. I may have times when I wear it less but it will always have a special place on my dressing table.
In the last ten years I’ve tried and tested many products, trying to find those that work for me and find my own style in make-up. Even in beauty the styles come and go, but you want something that you can put on and it will lift your mood. These are the top essential I couldn’t live without:
Clinique Superbalanced make-up – nothing beats a good foundation
MAC – face and body foundation
YSL touch eclat (THE best thing for under eyes circles)
Lancome Hypnose drama – gives you amazing lashes
Benefit Posie tint – for highlighting your cheekbones and giving them nice pink blush
Lancome Juicytubes – making your lips look irresistable
Have a stylish day