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Top 5 beauty must haves for travelling


Following my recent trip to Tuscany, I wanted to share my must have beauty products when travelling. When I’m on holiday I usually wear very minimal make up (I don’t wear too much anyway) and I like to pack light when it comes to beauty so choose multitasking products.

1.) My number 1 product whether I’m on the road or not is SPF. That is something I actually wear all year round. Ask any dermatologist or skin expert and they will tell you to use SPF daily to protect skin and prevent ageing. Because my skin is pale and sensitive it’s even more important but no matter what your skin make sure you not skipping SPF. I love the Avene SPF 50 for travelling but I also wear it on very hot days in London (when we get them). It’s got a nice texture, super high SPF so I don’t have to worry all day and it feels good on the skin. A little goes a long way and you face may be quite white after putting it on so I use colour correcting drops on top.

2.) Then I put on a lightweight foundation or CC cream. I recently switched to Dior Nude Air foundation with SPF 25 for my daily protection (remember SPF don’t add up that’s why I use 50 underneath). I wear the lightest colour Ivory 010. I love the velvety texture! It’s very very light (in texture and coverage) but if like me your concern is to even out skin tone on a dry skin but not blemishes this is your friend. I don’t have problematic skin so always go for light coverage and if I break out I use concealer on top. I prefer my skin to breath and natural make up. It’s the first time I’ve bought this foundation but really love it and will definitely buy again. It looks very natural but gives you a nice glow. I might go for a shade darker in the summer when I have a bit of a tan but it’s definitely my new favourite. I’ve been using Chanel foundations for years which I like, but it’s good to switch once in a while and I’m glad I’ve discovered this.

3.) You may have noticed on my Instagram and my last beauty post that I am developing slight obsession with Dior beauty. I’ve bought quite a few products recently and really like the quality. My other recent purchase is their brow pencil. That’s something I always take on holidays because defined brows really make a difference. I was using Charlotte Tillbury before which I reviewed here, but wanted to try something different. This one is very thin so you can be very precise but highly pigmented so go lightly. You just twist it to get it out (I prefer it to pencils that you have to sharpen) and on the other side has a little brush which is something I always look out for. Again little goes a long way and I will definitely repurchase. I wear Universal brown.

4.) Like I said at the beginning I like products that are multitasking and this is it! I love Nars Multiple sticks. The one in Copacabana I wear on most days as a highlighter – it has a nice shimmer and sheen – so good. And the pink one  in Riviera I wear as a blusher when I want something light and natural. I love the creamy texture and you can use them on your lids as eyeshadows too and also on your lips. That’s why they’re called multiple and they’re so great. I’ve been using these for years and they always go with me abroad.

5.) You may know I love lipsticks and always have a few on me (I need options) but rather than taking lots of different ones I like to take a lipstick palette. I love this one by YSL as it has a great selection of colours. Yes you can see which two are my favourite and I also like mixing them together. They come with a brush and a mirror so it’s really a no brainer. Perfect for any handbags for touch ups too.

Obviously I take more things but these are a constant. I started  a weekly series every Sunday on my Instastories talking about beauty (you can catch it on highlights too) and I’m planning to post more regular beauty posts on here too. What review would you like to see next?

Do you use any of these products? What are your must have travel beauty products?





Have a stylish day.


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Beauty: Dior facial


In March I was invited by Dior at Harvey Nichols London for a luxurious facial and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was just after the freezing spell we had with lots of snow (which played a havoc on my skin) and my trip to Barcelona (flying never helps a dry skin..) and before my birthday (when you always want to look your best).

I’ve said this here before that I have a very dry skin and shared my routine here, but I realise you have to change your skincare regularly because otherwise your skin gets used to it and the products become less effective. As mentioned above all those circumstances had a really bad effect of my skin and it was in a desperate need of some TLC. So when the invitation came I couldn’t have been more excited.

I was actually planning on trying some new products to really give my skin a hydration boost and after my Dior facial I purchased the Rose serum which has been a lifesaver. I’ve been using it over a month now, mostly at night because that’s when your skin rejuvenate and active ingredients are most effective and I can literally see the difference! I even have a bit of glow which is a rare for me and few people have noticed and commented. If you have a very dry skin, whether always of after this very long and tough winter, you should give this a try.

During my facial Anja (the therapist) mainly used 3 Dior products from the Prestige range. It was the serum that I ended up buying, Nectar and Hydration cream and I got some luxurious samples of those to take home as well and I can tell you I love the whole range. It is a bit pricey, but if your skin needs a boost it’s worth the investment. As I’m getting older I am definitely paying more attention to my skin and pamper it more because it really does make a difference.

Usually this facial is £150 redeemable agains products purchased on the day from Dior and it’s really worth it. I’m already planning to go in May, because regular facials are so important and to get a free facial while purchasing your favourite products from your favourite brand makes a good sense to me.

The whole experience is very relaxing too and who doesn’t need a bit of me time. Anja also gave me a bit of a massage of my shoulders and neck with the Dior oil and it felt heavenly. After you will be glowing I can guarantee you that because I was and my skin is usually very dry.

I must say I’m really into Dior skincare and make up now. I’ve bought quite a few bits from them recently and I’m very happy with them all. I am currently using their foundation and have quite a few lipsticks so will do a review soon.

Have you tried any Dior products? What is your favourite?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love these products.



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Beauty and beyond


Wearing: jumper Winser London, jeans J Brand, boots Nicholas Kirkwood, bag Celine, earrings Baublebar

Good news beauty lovers! I am starting a new blog series this week about all things beauty, including make up and skincare. I was always into fashion, but in the last couple of years I have become kind of obsessed with beauty too. There are so many lotions and potions out there and I have been really enjoying trying new products and learning what works and what doesn’t. Obviously with beauty it’s all very relevant. Everyone needs different things and have different needs.

My skin is very dry and I am still looking for my holy grail moisturiser. There have been few that I have bought more than once but nothing that I couldn’t live without. I learnt couple of years ago the importance of a serum for a dry skin and that has definitely had a positive effect. I’ve tried and tested few and loved some of them, but am still on the look out for new ones. I have however found the perfect eye cream which I shared here and that’s one product that is on my can’t-live-without list.

When it comes to make up I am obsessed with lipsticks. I admit to having eyelash extensions done regularly which I love (and for someone who has deep set eyes like me they are the best thing ever) and as I don’t really like mascaras that’s my biggest beauty indulgence but totally money well spent. I don’t wear much eyeshadows but I do have few palettes with some nice ones and I love blushers and highlighters and have a few palettes with those ones too (like this one).

So there’s load to coming up. I’ve managed to accumulate quite a big collection and I can’t wait to share it with you. I will be probably doing this post monthly possibly more often depending how popular it is and how often there is something I really want to share.

I am definitely no expert in beauty but I think that over the years I have learnt a thing or two but mostly I want to show you products that I genuinely love.

What is your favourite beauty product? Have you got any favourite beauty brand?





Have a stylish day.



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Skincare routine for dry skin plus few make up favourites


It’s been a while since I did a beauty post, but in the last few months I have discovered products that I really love and wanted to share them with you.

I am 36, work in air-conditioned environment and have very dry sensitive skin. I have to always use SPF (I tend to use it as part of my foundation as it is the last layer). I have recently discovered primer and am hooked already. Because my skin is dry, it has no natural shine to it and sometimes feel quite flat. That’s why my number one product is a blusher to add dimension to my face (I’m loving the new palette from Tom Ford but more about that later.)

My friend who is a make up artist convinced my that I needed a primer and after a bit of research and trying it on couple of times I went for the Tom Ford Illuminating primer and I haven’t looked back. It is moisturising and feels amazing on the skin. I feel my make up definitely lasts better since I’ve been using it and my skin overall looks fresher. I am hooked and would definitely recommend this product.

Another Tom Ford product I’ve only discovered recently is the Contouring compact. It’s amazing! The colours are perfect. It has a bronzer, highlighter and brusher all in one which is handy and it was one of the few products I took on my holiday recently. I really love the shades and the packaging and it lasts really well. I am a very low maintenance girl when it comes to make up and rarely touch up during the day and with this I don’t have to and it stays on until the evening. It’s highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. The downs are that it’s quite pricey (so far I think it’s worth the pennies) and it’s a limited edition. I’m already worried about the time when I finish it. What if I can’t get the same?! Can you tell I love it?

If you have dry skin like me you must try the Chanel Hydra range. I can’t get enough! I use the Micro serum and after that the Hydra Micro cream. It’s helped me so much. They both feel really nice on the skin and smell lovely. I have used other hydrating ranges before but this one is definitely my favourite.

I also use Chanel Sublimage eye cream. The range is for older skin which I don’t think I need that anywhere else, but the eye cream is amazing! I have been using it for quite some time now and even though it’s super pricey in this case I think it’s totally worth it. Not only I’ve been told by skincare specialists and beauty therapists that my eye area is in a very good condition, it helped me lighten my pigmentation spots. (Like I said I have sensitive skin and must use SPF daily and if I don’t I get sun spots straight away and use this eye cream on those as well – it really helps!)

And last but not least when it comes to dry skin is a good hydrating mask. I’ve used quite a few different ones and like to alternate them. The Lancôme Hydra intense mask  is one I go back to. Skin feels soft after it and smells amazing. I also love Sisley Black Rose mask which I may review next time. I use a hydrating mask every 2 to 3 days and it has definitely made a difference. I use them instead of a night cream and leave overnight.

Last product I want to mention is Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil. It’s not a product I used to invest in (I used Rimmel for years) but I bought it once just to try something new and just repurchased because I really like it. It has a brush on one side to tame your brows and the pencil on the other side.  It doesn’t need a sharpener (a plus), it glides on really well and comes in 5 shades. I’m using Brooke S and I think it looks quite natural. I don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon..

What are your favourite beauty products? Have you tried any of these? I’d love to know what you think.




Have a stylish day.


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Old wives tales /hair mask review/

Few weeks ago I got contacted by the lovely Lily about organic hair care products Old Wives Tail and whether I’d be interested in testing it. As my hair was in desperate need of some TLC I jumped at the chance. I picked the Rosemary & Argan Organic Oil treatment which is aimed at very dry damaged hair (like mine).
I tried it the very same day I received it and have been using it quite regularly since. My hair felt instantly silkier and moisturised. Don’t expect miracles – these things take time, but every time I use it I feel a little difference and definitely want to continue.
It has added organic rosemary oil to stimulate scalp and encourage healthy hair growth which sounds great to me!
There are different ways to use it. I put it on overnight as my hair really is in bad condition, but thanks to this it has been improving.
It contains no chemicals or additives and the company gives 10% of their profits to charities.
What’s not to like?
Have a stylish day.
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Summer beauty

Summer is in full swing so I thought I’d share with you few of my must haves I couldn’t currently be without.  In the Summer months I always wear minimal make up, switching my foundation to tinted moisturizer. I’ve been using Chanel for years but this year I decided to try the new one from Clarins. I swear by their skincare and this did not disappoint.
White and gold are my favourite colours to wear during the hot months, so I just added these Barry M nail polishes to my collection (treasure chest and coconut). They last well and are such a bargain I love them.
The Multiple by Nars is a godsend. I can’t get enough and plan to get loads of different colours. This Riviera one is a dusky pink and  I’ve been putting it on my eyelids and lips as well (it’s not call Multiple for nothing..). The consistency is amazing, it feels great on the skin, lasts well and it’s soft and dewy – perfect for Summer.
Now on the least glamorous – a deodorant. Let’s face it – we all sweat in the summer and this one by Dove is the best deodorant I’ve tried in a while.
What are you Summer beauty must haves?
Have a stylish day.
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The ultimate guide to pink lips II.

It is no secret I love pink lips (well most pink things…). I would even say it’s my signature look. I occasionally wear red or nude but very rarely. I did my first guide to pink lips last year here,
but since then discovered new pink beauties which I fell in love with, so I thought I’d do an updated guide. Starting with my current favourite:
1. Nars  Satin lip pencil in YU

It’s very bright pink. It’s the first lip pencil I’ve tried from Nars and I fell in love with it and am thinking about buying more. It’s super moisturising and has a nice shiny texture and feels nice on. Perfect for every day (if like me you like bright lips). It’s very similar colour to Nars Schiap.

2. Nars Schiap

Again very bright (neon like) colour. Before purchasing the pencil, it was one lipstick I wore most but sometime feels too bright. It’s down to the matte effect I think because even though it’s similar shade, the pencil is not so in your face. Still one of my faves though. Perfect if you need to add a colour to your outfit.

3. Nars Funny face

This is a fuchsia shade (according to them) and it’s quite dark. I prefer wearing this in the autumn but still other times too. It’s a gorgeous colour and perfect if you want something not so bright. Like the other Nars lipstick it lasts well but feels a bit dry as it’s from the matte collection.

4. Clinique Chubby stick in Watermelon

Very very light, more like a gloss. It’s moisturizing and feels nice but doesn’t last long. It’s perfect when you’re wearing heavy eye make up or if you prefect very natural look. Also nice layering over lipstick to give it a nice glow.
Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite pink lipsticks?
Have a stylish day.