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Balmain at Paris Fashion Week SS 12

Yesterday was a great day at Paris Fashion Weeks. So many unmissable shows and plenty of amazing clothes on display. The one show I’m always really looking forward to is by Balmain. This season was a first proper collection for new creative director Olivier Rousteing and I couldn’t wait to see, what he’d do with the label. It was still very Balmain – very sexy, plenty of short hems, low cuts, strong shoulders, skinny trousers, but it seemed softer and maybe more pleasing to the eye. It must have been really hard filling Christophe Decarnin’s shoes, as he did amazingly for the label, but I think Rousteing did really well.
The colour palette contains a lot of black, white and gold with some pale blue thrown in and there’s also quite a lot of embellishment, but it’s never too much. The collection seems really relaxed, yet still very sophisticated. I love the structured shoulders agains simpler bottom halfs. Well done to Olivier I wish him good luck for the future. If he started as he means to go on, then I expect some good things from him and plenty of followers to go with it. Now I’m rather excited for Sunday when they’re going to reveal the Pierre Balmain diffusion line. What did you think of this collection?
Have a stylish day.

Balmain · Christophe Decarnin · diffusion line · Oliver Rousteing

Dreaming of… Balmain diffusion line

Fashion is so exciting. You can never be bored or really stay ahead of the game as there is always so much happening. Fashion weeks twice a year, resort and pre-fall collections in between, Fashion’s Night Out, upcoming designer collaborations.. The list goes on. One of the things I’m really looking forward to, is for the Balmain diffusion line to come out. We have to wait until December for this to happen, but there’s no harm in having a sneak peak of what to expect. Balmain is known for great pants and structured jackets and more. They’ve been setting trends for quite a few seasons and judging by these pictures, I expect none less from the cheaper line.
The good news is, the prices will start at about £100, the bad news is, it won’t be designed by Oliver Rousteing, Christophe Decarnin’s successor (who resigned earlier this year). The French house says it will still have the same rock essence but will be more casual and relaxed. Whatever that means, I can’t wait to see the whole collection and of course buy few pieces.
Have a stylish day.

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Vintage Sunday

Probably the biggest news in fashion this week has been Christophe Decarnin. I looked back at his years there on Wednesday. If you missed it read it again here. I thought it was appropriate to remember the original Balmain in today’s Vintage Sunday. Decarnin’s collections were all about big shoulders, perfectly cut pants and so on, but Pierre Balmain was mostly known for his gorgeous gowns. Just look at this one from 1961. Simple, sexy, Parisian chic are just few words coming to mind. It will be interesting to see who the new creative director will be and what direction he (or she) will take. I can’t wait to see it.
Have a stylish day.

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Balmain · Christophe Decarnin

Christophe Decarnin leaves Balmain

It’s a sad day for me and fashion lovers all over the world. The news have been announced that Christophe Decarnin decided to leave Balmain. I have to admit he was the designer who put the famous French label under my radar. He made military style look chic, brought big shoulders back and cut the best pants. Plus there’s much more. Season  after season I was looking forward to watching his collections and loved every outfit. At the moment noone knows what the future holds for him, but let’s hope he’s gonna go onto something great and will keep brining us beautiful covetable clothes.
Here I want to remind ourselves few of his creations that were photographed and copied endlesly. He inspired and I hope he will continue to do so, whatever he does next. I wish him the best of luck.
Have a stylish day.

AW 11

AW 11

SS 11

AW 10

AW 10

SS 10

SS 10

AW 09

AW 09

SS 09

SS 09

SS 09

the man himself
(Christophe Decarnin)
AW '10 · Balmain · Christophe Decarnin · Paris Fashion Week

Balmain AW’10 at Paris Fashion Week

Christophe Decarnin is becoming my number one fashion hero. Very likely he’s gonna share the top spot with Tom Ford, but I didn’t even expect that to happen. But the man is a genius! I love his rock’n’roll vibe and he cuts the best trousers around, with great tops to finish it off. His AW’10 collection also consisted of stunning mini and long dresses made of beautiful fabrics, plus he still continues the strong shoulder trend, which I love! I predict “Balmania” to continue for seasons to come.
Have a stylish day.

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Past trends – good and bad!

As I told you few days ago, I’m gonna look back at the past decade in fashion, art and beyond. Well today I decided to share my thoughs on trends that stuck in my mind for good and bad reasons. There are things that never really go out of fashion. They may have their highs and lows, but will always be there. One of them for me is Britannia. I love things with british flag. So much has been around but there are times when you can see more of it. Like past two summers and also in summer 2001. I remember that because that’s when I came to England and got so hooked that I bought 2t-shirts with little flag – one glittery and the other quite plain. I loved them, but unfortunately they ended up in the bin – oh what a shame, as I could easily wear them again..
One trend I never liked and am hundred per cent sure never will if it comes back (which I doubt) was crocs. Do you remember the ugly plastic shoes with holes in them? Well I never understood the point of them. They got very popular, people claiming how comfy they are. I’d rather suffer for fashion than take a comfort in Crocs.
Other trend I remember well was big again around the time I came to UK. It was Madonna who started it and found a way into my wardrobe. It was sort of celebrity T-shirts. Do you remember the popular songsress on her tour wearing tops with names like Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and so on? I got a couple of ones with Madonna‘s name and one with her picture as well. How cool was I?! Again I think they eventually ended up in a bin… It’s a shame there isn’t enough space for all our clothes we ever buy. I would really enjoy looking back at everything, reminiscing about the times I wore them. I’d probably cringe about some of them, but it would be fun.
Something I really love is goth look as you probably know, if you read my blog regularly. It is something that keeps coming back and it’s just so great. You can really play with the style and never get bored with it.
The thing I’m really into right now is big shoulders. It’s very 80’s – an era that has been very popular for the past few seasons and I’m loving it. I’m not so sure about all those glitters and sequins, but padded or in another way interesting shoulders are my thing. Christophe Decarnin has been one of the designers really into this trend for Balmain and I’m just loving everything by him.
There has been some great things emerging in the last ten years, but it would take a long time to mention them all. Is there anything important that you think I have forgotten? Let me know! And have a stylish day.

Balmain · Christophe Decarnin · goth · Gucci · Tom Ford

On my style radar now! BALMAIN

( pictures Balmain SS ’10 from

There is nothing more inspiring to me than a person good at what he does. Whatever you do always make sure you do it as best as you can. That is my motto anyway. I don’t know who I admire more: people at BALMAIN for recognizing Christophe Decarnin’s talent or the man himself. Because ever since he took over the french fashion house it’s been going from strengh to strengh. Before it was a label nearly forgotten, but appointing Decarnin in 2005 was the best move possible. It is amazing what the right person can do for a company. My other example would be Tom Ford for Gucci, who has done the same job – taking a falling business and transfering it into a major success. For me his was the best era for Gucci (Ford is my all time hero) and I still lust after his timeless pieces, especially his goth season. But back to Balmain, who is my current obsessions. The ripped jeans, sharp-shouldered jackets and studded killer heels are sexy and wearable! And his SS ’10 didn’t dissapoint. The strong shoulder trend continues and the dresses ar as beautiful as ever and I love it! In a tough econimic situation he manages to sell-out collections, even though his clothes are far from reasonable price. And everyone loves him and you can find copies of his design in every shop on the high-street. Thank god for that because not everyone can afford a pair of jeans for a thousand pounds, but I I’m quite sure, that if they could they wouldn’t resist.