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Bag lady

Michael Kors bag
It’s safe to say I love handbags. You can’t beat a good tote, clutch is a must and cross-body are my latest obsession. Big, small, plain sparkly… I want them all. I spend most money on handbags and already have my eyes on few more I need in my collection. Never enough!
Ok I admit I like also shoes, and jewellery and of course clothes! But there is just something about a new bag..
YSL clutch
DKNY shopper
Marc Jacobs canvas bag
DvF shoulder bag
Miu Miu cross-body bag
YSL clutch
Zara clutch
DvF shoulder bag
Zara clutch
Balenciaga city bag
Michael Kors clutch bag
Dolce and Gabbana cross-body bag

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The /new/ bag and what’s in it

I’ve been looking for a great new bag for a while. When I saw this one on sale in DKNY store I couldn’t not buy it. It was everything I had been looking for. Roomy enough for all my essentials, nude colour that will go with everything and a great price.
So now the big question is: What do I carry around? I thought I’d share..
1. Iphone – can’t imagine my life without it. Cover by Lanvin.
2. Ipad – I have an online job. Like my phone, can’t be without it. Love my new DvF case 🙂
3. Filofax – I’m a bit old-school and still like to write things down.
4. DKNY wallet – have had it for years. It’s starting to wear off but the colour is so perfect I don’t want to give it up.
5. Keys and chewing gums (for obvious reasons)
 6. Dior sunglasses. I always carry sunglasses and never umbrella, which probably doesn’t make much sense in England but I have sensitive eyes. And sunglasses are such a good accessory.
 7. Business cards – because you never know who you may ran into.
8. Valentino Valentina perfume – for freshening up.
 9. Clarins hand cream – have been using it for years and swear by it.
10. At least a couple of lipstick or lipglosses. Usually it’s more.. YSL ones are among faves.
11. Chanel powder – it’s nearly gone but I use it as mirror.
12. Bottle of water. I drink about 3 litres a day. Must-have for me. (I put Vitamin tablets in it that’s why it’s pink – not because I love pink – just a happy coincidence).
13. Sweetner – in case I buy coffee and they don’t have it. Hate sugar (but not sugary things).
These are every day items, but often there’s more.. Magazines, my DSLR, flats for emergencies etc.
Now you know why I need a big bag..
What are your essentials?
Have a stylish day.
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1. This past weekend was full of belated birthday celebrations. I met two of my great friends and they both got me the same card. I think that must mean they’re right 😉
2. One of my pressies was this pretty jewellery box. It’ll fill up rather quickly..
3. It’s safe to say I’ve got a weakness for all things French. Laduree macaroons, YSL anything (beauty, bracelet, arty rings…)
4. Eating pink macaroon, with pink nails, wearing pink jeans. I’m called Miss Pink for a reason 😉
5. Enjoying a Cosmo on a sunny Saturday, wearing my fave Dior sunglasses and YSL handbag
Have a stylish day.
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Hugo Boss AW 12/13

Hugo Boss isn’t a label I would normally go for (I love their fragrances though), but I was invited to their AW press day and was curious to see what they’ve got in store for next autumn. As you can imagine by the amount of pink pieces, I loved what I saw. The accessories, especially handbags are to die for and I want all the coats pictured here. They are timeless, classic pieces worth the investment. I’m lusting the most after the white furry one. The whole collection is very wearable, elegant and sophisticated. Time to start saving up..
Have a stylish day.

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Pink and animal print at Stella McCartney

If you read my blog regularly, you then know that the two things I love the most are pink (hence the blog name) and animal print (especially python). So you can imagine the amount of love I have for the latest arrivals at Stella McCartney. I literally can’t pick my favourite, although the top right handbag I saw first and is number one on my wish list. But to be honest I want it all! Now if only money was no object… Shop it all here.
Have a stylish day.

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New arm candy

It doesn’t happen very often that I get excited about a new line of handbags. I’ve got few favourite signature styles that I like and tend to stick to. But as soon as I saw the new addition to Mulberry family – Taylor – I fell in love. It’s perfect in every way. The shape resembles a doctor type bag, which is going to be massive next season! and it comes in three sizes. Mini, regular or oversized, something for every occasion. Mulberry has been doing really well in recent years and Emma Hill has done wonders for the brand. This is a further proof of her design talent. I predict long waiting lists for this arm candy. At the moment coming in four colours: black, dove grey, green and tan, the question is: which one to go for? Which do you like the most?
Also I want to point out  their new book release, celebrating 40 years in business. Coffe table book I need to have!
Have a stylish day.

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Handbag obsession

We all love handbags. We need handbags! To carry all the important stuff like lipstick and all 🙂 I was just looking at (as you do) all in the name of research.. And of course I found a great selection of handbags. All very desirable and colourful. Perfect for the hottest SS trend. My favourite is the pink Lanvin one (obviously), but red Chloe has very timeless shape and turquoise Burberry seems different and original. Want them all!
Have a stylish day.