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Florence – what I wore and how to pack light


I hope you’ve enjoyed  my guide to Florence, here’s again for you part 1 and 2 in case you missed it. In my last post I wanted to share with you all my outfits and tips for packing light.

Look 1: floral strappy dress (from last year) similar option

Look 2: paisley dress, straw wedges

Look 3: Zimmermann dress also love this one and this oneChanel flats, earrings Baublebar

Look 4: floral off the shoulder dress (last year) this year’s version, Gucci belt

Look 5: bright pink pleated dress

Look 6: printed pants Zara, shirred top

I am a serious overpacker. Whenever I go away even for a weekend I plan my outfits well in advance including all my accessories. I like to have shoes and bag options too and definitely different clothes for every day. But there are definitely ways how you can downsize your luggage and pack less and still have a good selection. So here are my top three tips I’ve learnt along the way:

1.) think about the overall colour palette. If most of your items are in certain colour palette they are easier to mix and match together and even with fewer items you get more outfits. This is my rule actually generally. I don’t wear loads and loads of different colours (only occasionally) my wardrobe mostly consists of white (a lot of it), pink (less than you think) and blue with plenty of neutrals like beiges and grey to link it all together. It makes life and dressing easier but still fun. I love my prints playing with accessories  and jewellery to make sure my outfits are not boring. Which brings me onto my other two points.

2.) go for neutral accessories. As boring as it may sound I love nude shoes and bags. They go with everything and look chic. No matter what your colour palette (see above) they will match. Also metallics are good. I love gold sandals and they can look both dressy and casual making them very versatile.

3.) go crazy with jewellery. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets.. you name it. They don’t take up much space in your luggage or weight a lot, but they really make an outfit to stand out. They the perfect finishing touch and can take an outfit from day to evening in an instant. Just add a bit of sparkle and you’re done.

Have you got any exciting trips planned? What are your tips for packing?





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Have a stylish day.



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Florence guide part 2


In part one of my Florence guide I shared my top 3 must do things that are more cultural or discovering the city. Today I want to share with you where to eat to have amazing views like you see above (and you can shop there too), where to have a good drink and even better views! and few other things that may not be as well known but are worth seeing.

First let’s start with the place where I had my coffee and pasta below and just enjoyed these spectacular views. I can tell you I found this place by complete coincidence and even my friend who lives in Tuscany and has been to this particular place many times didn’t know about this cafe terrace. It’s right next to Piazza della Repubblica in a shopping centre called laRinascente. The shopping centre alone is quite good and they have some good selection of brands there mid-range to high-range priced with ladies fashion , beauty and homewear. The cafe on top (6th floor) is nothing fancy, the selection of food is not big, but if you’re looking for a great Instagram spot this is it. I was lucky I got there at the right time and I got the table with best views. It had downside though as literally everyone was doing mini/big photo shoots right by my table so I couldn’t eat in peace. This is a place you to for a bit of a break, light snack/lunch coffee but mostly photos with amazing background.

If you want beautiful food AND nice atmosphere go to the Continentale Hotel for drinks just before sunset. It gets very busy and you may have to wait for a seat but it’s so worth it. All those sunset pictures below were taken there. The drinks are quite pricey but you get delicious free snacks to go with it. There’s a teeny tiny burger and olives both with truffles! and lots of cheese (obsessed) that are really worth the extra euros for drinks. It’s fairly small and feels quite intimate and has a nice atmosphere.

Both of these places are very different, but both worth checking out.

Florence is not just culture it’s a fashion hub too! There were so many amazing shops and it would be very easy to spend loads of money there. The shops I went to was Chanel near the Palazzo Vecchio, which is beautiful and has beautiful things (which Chanel doesn’t ?!), and I made sure I popped into the Aquazzura boutique while there. Aquazzura is one of my favourite shoe brands and the designer comes from Florence and that’s where their flagship is and headquarters. The boutique is beautiful and I wanted to buy everything (but I was a good girl this time..). It’s very easy to find. If you walk down from Ponte Vecchio down the river you will see it on your right hand side. The staff was lovely and I go to talking to one of the sales associates about my love for the brand and he invited me to a private event they’re having with the designer next week! I couldn’t believe it but unfortunately I couldn’t attend because I was leaving before the event. But what a nice gesture 🙂

Few other things I wanted to mention is the beautiful synagogue I stumbled upon. I saw the green cupolas from distance and just wanted to see what it was and I was mesmerised by its beauty so went in. You can use proper camera there so all photos were taken by an iPhone but I’m glad I found it and took quite a few pictures there. Not far from there are these hidden gardens that are part of their university and it’s a nice place to take a breather from all the culture and shopping.

On my last day I spent a day in Pisa. I was flying from there again and got there early to visit the Square of Miracles where the Leaning Tower of Pisa is and have a little wander around. Everyone told me that Pisa is very disappointing that’s it’s just the Tower and that’s it but I found it quite charming and full of some beautiful buildings. The square of Miracles itself is very full of tourists but I think it’s definitely worth visiting. When I first spotted the tower I got a massive grin on my face. It is a very interesting piece of architecture and shouldn’t be missed when visiting Tuscany. You only need few hours to spend there but make sure you do it.

That takes my guide to the end. In my next two posts I will share my top 5 beauty products when travelling and also all my outfit I wore during this trip.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask in the comments below or send me an email. I have also loads more photos on my Instagram and instastories.

Have you visited any of these places?

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Have a stylish day.


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Florence guide part 1


I’ve just come back from Florence and I didn’t want to leave! It’s such a beautiful city full of culture, art, history, architecture and amazing shopping – it’s everything I could wish for. I took loads and loads of photos so apologies in advance for the amount I will share. I will break my  guide into 2 or 3 parts to cover it all.

On Monday I flew to Pisa (it’s much cheaper) and took a bus straight to the airport to fairly central part of Florence. It was actually nice to be driving through Tuscany (it takes about 70 minutes) and see the beautiful countryside. I definitely plan to see more of that on another trip. I arrived in the early evening, checked into my hotel, freshened up and set out to explore straight away. It was nice warm evening and I caught beautiful sunset over the river. I wore this Zara dress which is perfect for travelling. It’s super comfy, I like the length and long sleeves – perfect for a plane as you don’t have to worry about exposing too much or being cold and just be comfortable.

The next day I set out very early because there was a lot I wanted to cover. First I just wandered through the streets a little bit, but then I headed towards the Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo square) for the best views of the whole of Florence, through Giardino Delle Rose (rose garden) – beautiful views and beautiful flowers. They have an amazing amount of different types of roses. Definitely a must see. I spent quite a lot of time there as the views are really breathtaking and you can just sit down and take it all in. After taking a lot of steps to get there, you may need a break.. There you may also see one of the two copies of Michelangelo’s David (the other copy is outside Palazzo Vecchio) and the original in the Galleria dell’Accademia (all in Florence).

From there I went down and up again to one of many Florentine churches, more amazing views and I saw someone getting engaged there which was really lovely (yes he got on one knee) (insert heart emoji). Then I continued on that side of the river walking towards the Boboli gardens and the Medici palace before coming back to more central Florence over the Ponte Vecchio – most famous Florence bridge and also the busiest. There were some lovely jewellery shops there (you could easily spend a fortune) but also many many tourists so I tried to get out of there quick. Beware! Florence is full of people and large crowds at most places.

After I had lunch at the Piazza Della Signorina, with the view of Palazzo Vecchio right in front of me and one of the David’s and lots of other beautiful sculptures, did a bit of window shopping at Chanel lusting after all of their bags and shoes and a bit of shopping at more affordable shops.. Had gelato, and did more wandering through the streets and just made the most of the beautiful city.

Advice: lunch with a view is nice, but food is much nicer and cheaper in little side streets. Everywhere you go there’s places to eat and have a drink and the best places are usually hidden and away from the crowds.

I walked past the Duomo every day. It was very close to my hotel and it’s very central so nearly everywhere you go you can go past it. It really is very beautiful. Photos don’t do it justice. Unfortunately on this occasion I didn’t get to go in but I would definitely recommend it and it’s something I’m planning to do next time. You can see it from many angles from many places and it always took my breath away. If you only see one thing in Florence see the Duomo.

Number two is climbing up to see it all from the Michelangelo square.

Number three is visiting the Uffizzi Gallery. There are many museums and galleries in Florence (I told you it was full of art and culture) and it is impossible to visit them all in one trip. But the one I did and would definitely recommend is the Uffizzi. I spent over 3 hours there and didn’t see it all so will try to visit again, but I saw the main things I wanted to see. My favourite painting is the Birth of Venus by Botticelli and it was an amazing experience to see the original in real life and also the Primavera. Also the Leonardo da Vinci‘s rooms are incredible. Those were the highlights form me but there is so much more. I could just write an article about Uffizi!

I also stumbled across  a beautiful Synagogue, had a coffee and lunch with a view that I definitely recommend, drinks at a place that is a must visit and much more! But more about that next week.

Have you been to Florence? What was your favourite part?









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Have a stylish day.


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Darling buds of May


Bag Valentino, sunglasses Miu Miu, ASOS dress (also white version) and shoes 

Spring is without a doubt my favourite season and in these photos you can see why. I love how everything is blossoming and blooming and colourful and it’s just so gorgeous. May is definitely one of the best months, I just wish England would keep up and raise the temperatures accordingly..

On Friday I came back from visiting my parents back home in Czech Republic (with a little trip to Croatia thrown in) and it was perfect time to go. I mean it’s always nice going home and seeing my family, but the weather was lovely but not too hot, perfect for bike rides ( I went on a couple) and we did a BBQ on Monday (it was bank holiday and it was just perfect) and walks with my niece and nephew and everywhere looked extra pretty. There were tulips and lilacs everywhere (you can see plenty of evidence on my Instagram) and of course there were fields of rapeseed aplenty. What’s not to love?

I could not miss the opportunity to have a run in a rapeseed field and let me tell you, you can’t really run, but it’s fun nonetheless and on a beautiful sunny day it’s so good for the soul. As much as I love London and I am a self confessed city girl I have been spending more time in nature recently and really loving it. Whether it’s hiking in Croatia (read about it here) or visiting bluebell fields in the UK (this past weekend – post coming up) I am really trying to make the most of Spring and enjoy the beauty around us and feel much better for it.

Have you been enjoying the nature recently or always? Where is your favourite place to visit?







Have a stylish day.



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May goal: Book a trip somewhere new


My goal for May was to book a trip somewhere new and I have actually been already. This past weekend I visited Plitvice lakes in Croatia and even though I am more of a city girl I absolutely loved it. If you don’t know this place, it’s a National heritage site, part of Unesco and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Photos don’t do it justice. I am also planning another trip to a place that has been high on my list for ages so I will tell you more about that later.

April goal was to try something new. I didn’t push myself as much as I wanted to but I visited couple of new parts of London, and for the first time in 16 years of living in London I went to Tate Britain. Can you believe it’s taken me so long? I mainly went to see the David Hockney exhibition (who is a new artist for me too) but also had a little look around too. I definitely want to go back soon as there is so much to see.

I would recommend the David Hockney exhibition. It covers 60 years of his career and some of the work is really amazing. It was inspiring and I really enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to Plitvice Lakes or anywhere else in Croatia? What exhibition have you visited lately?

Have a stylish day.


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My guide to Paris


Jeans Donna Ida, blazer Zara, bag Valentino, flats and brooch Chanel

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Parisian series so far and my outfit ideas for summer weddings and other joyous occasions. You can see again here look 1, 2 and 3.

Today’s last look is casual and perfect for strolling the street of the French capital. It was my 6th time in Paris and I am definitely not and expert and there is so much more I want to explore myself, but here is a little list of things I really enjoyed and recommend.

Paris is so much more than Louvre and the Eiffel Tower (I both enjoy very much). And the more I get to know the city the more I enjoy just strolling around or sitting in a cute café sipping espresso and people watching.

Talking of coffee, you may want to add Laudree and the Ritz on your list for a cappuccino and a cake. Neither of them are the cheapest places, but when on holiday you should treat yourself and I really enjoy both.

After you fuelled up you may want to see some art and I recommend both  the Musee D’Orsay (where you can take this picture and enjoy the views) and Orangerie especially if you like the Impressionists.

Walking around the Montmartre is a must a there’s a little train that stops just outside Sacre Coeur and for 6 euros will take you around the area and Moulin Rouge and it’s really lovely. Sacre Coeur is of course a must visit too. Both inside the stunning basilica and walking like gazillion steps up the dome. The views are incredible.

This is just a few highlights but I could go on.. I don’t want to overwhelm you. I’m planning another trip this year anyway so then I’ll share some more with yo then. But if you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.

Have you been to Paris before? What are your must dos?






Have a stylish day.


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What to wear to a wedding – part 3 (Petit Palais)


Dress Asos, shoes Chloe, bag Gucci

This is the last part of my series shot in Paris as an inspiration for summer wedding outfits. See again part 1 and 2. Any of these dresses can be dressed up or down and used for many different occasions.

What I like about this one (apart from the beautiful print) is the fact it’s got long sleeve. I can tell you it was quite a challenge to find a nice dress with a long sleeve. But the fact is the weather in the UK is rather unpredictable so sometimes long sleeve is a good idea and also sometime you may want to cover up more for religious reasons or any other. I personally like a longer sleeve sometime but like I said I find them much harder to find.

The dress is made from chiffon and is very lightweight and I love how it moves when you’re walking. It’s got an open back so you’re not completely covered up and it’s just so nice to wear.

On another note, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, make sure you get a visit of Petit Palais on your agenda. Not only is the building itself amazing, it contains some really great art and the garden is very pretty. There’s a little café inside where you can sit and have a coffee while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You can’t go wrong.

Do you like dresses with long sleeves? Where do you usually get them?






Have a stylish day.