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Morning and evening skincare routine


I’ve changed my skincare routine completely this year after feeling whatever I was using wasn’t working anymore and my skin is the best it’s been. For me skincare is more important than make up and I am doing all I can to achieve a glowing skin and then let it shine and only enhance it rather than painting a face on.

I believe the products I was using before were good, but you need to change your lotions and potions regularly otherwise your skin gets used to the products and same ingredients. I’ve discovered Kiehl’s which I’m really loving at the moment and definitely want to try more products but overall I decided to try things from different brands rather than getting everything from one.

Other than doing the routine that I’m going to tell you about, I exfoliate once or twice a week (I use St. Ives Apricot scrub which is great and not expensive) and about twice a week (when I remember) I put on a hydrating masque overnight instead of anything else. I’ve been testing these from Peter Thomas Roth and so far I’ve been quite impressed.

I use a Thermal cleansing balm from Omorovicza which is oil based and very good for dry skin.

In the morning after I’ve cleaned my face, I use serum from Kiehl’s (review here) and then depending on what I’m doing that day and what my face needs I either use the Kiehl’s  Glow Formula skin hydrator  (which gives a really nice glow) or if I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside I use the Avene SPF 50. I always always wear SPF 25 minimum. After that I use eye cream and then apply make up. The Avene cream makes your skin quite white so leave some time to soak it in, but I really like it and the protection it gives me, especially during this heatwave.

In the evening after cleansing my face I alternate between the Dior serum and Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate (review of  both here). I seriously love both. With the Midnight recovery you only need a tiny bit. I got this sample ages ago and have been using it regularly and still haven’t had to buy the big size but I definitely will. I use a moisturiser after the Dior serum or before the Midnight recovery. I usually do one evening one thing and alternate the next evening. Once every few days I use a hydrating masque instead. At the moment I’m using the This Works night cream which seem really nice on the skin but I think the serums are the most important .

Have you tried any of these? How do you find them?




Have a stylish day.



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Lush mask – review

 They say: Relaxing, reviving, mineral-rich mask to cleanse, soften and beautify. Fresh nutritious seaweed, cleansing kaolin, antiseptic honey, calming aloe vera and rose absolute makes this a great mask for everyone.

I have to admit this is the first Lush product I’ve tried. I’m not sure why but I just never bought anything from them. But that will now probably change. I was given this mask and love it!  After using it my skin feel super soft and moisturised. I’d nearly say you don’t have to use moisturiser afterwards, but moisturiser is my holy grail of skin care so I do use it. I’ve been using this mask for about a month now and can feel and see the difference, so it is something I would definitely recommend.
Let me know what are your favourite Lush products.

 Have a stylish day.

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My beauty secrets

I’m 32 and my skin is generally in very good condition. Recent tests proved that, so I decided to share my secrets.
1. Drink loads of water. It sounds cliché, but it really is very important. I drink on average 3 liters a day.
2. Cleanse your skin daily. I swear by the One-step gentle exfoliating cleanser by Clarins. It is my favourite Clarins product along with the Nails and hand cream – I have been using both for years.
The cleanser removes all make-up and makes my skin feel super soft after. I can’t imagine my life without it any more. I would love to say I use toner regularly too but I don’t. Really want to get into that routine though.
3. I use SPF on my face daily. The Hydra Quench lotion is everything my skin needs. I used to use the Multi-active Night cream , but now have been given the Vital Light Night to try, so far so good.
4. I was advised by a beautician to use eye cream daily and have been using Eye Revive Beauty Flash ever since.
5. The Hydra Quench Cream mask is new to me. I’ve only used it couple of times so far, but know I’ll buy it again. It smells divine and does exactly what it says.
These products may seem pricey, but you only need to use very little and they last me for up to 6 months. Also I often buy these when they have offers on and you get extra products too. Saves pennies plus you can try new products. I believe your skin is worth investing in and after years of trying I realised this is what works for me.
I am also planning to buy the new Double serum. I was given quite a few samples and loved it.
What skincare do you use? What products do you swear by?
Have a stylish day.
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