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How to wear a wrap dress


Do you sometimes get the feeling when you see a dress (or something else) and it’s so perfect and you just have to have it. This happened with this dress. It was literally love at first sight! I love the fact that in many ways it’s very me – pink, fit and flare, below the knee.. but on the other hand it’s a shade of pink I don’t own yet – it’s a salmon pink bordering on orange and it’s not a colour I usually go for.. It’s embroidered and I don’t think I own any embroidered dress and it’s a wrap dress and I often struggle with those.

But I seriously love it! I wore it over the weekend and didn’t want to take it of. It just made me feel good. The reason I often struggle with wrap dresses is because I think the cleavage is often too low, they keep opening when it’s windy and they don’t often fit right on a tall person. When it arrived (I ordered it online) I knew I wanted to keep it, but I wasn’t sure about the fit and it seemed very see-through. I didn’t know what to do and then it hit me! I put a slip underneath and it worked wonders. It helped with the low cleavage, wasn’t see through any more and I didn’t have to worry about the wind any more seriously life changer.

(Some time ago I bought a slip dress in Marks and Spencer (I needed it for a particular dress) and I never thought I would wear it as much as I do. It’s such a good thing to have in your wardrobe! There’s so many dresses that are little bit see-through and I realised a good  slip is a life safer.)

I could go out and just enjoy my weekend. It has been such a beautiful weather here in London and I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can outside and make the most of it. So on Saturday, wearing my new dress, my friend and I went to west London for a coffee and cake al fresco and then for a long walk in the south west London. It’s not an area I visit that often and it was nice just to wander through new streets and discover new hidden gems and it was so so lovely. We came across the amazing car in the first photo and I couldn’t resist posing in front of it. I love old cars. We ended up in a pub and had a bbq and couple of drinks (I had Aperol spritzer should you care) and it was just such a nice day.

I discovered a new cute coffee shop which I can’t wait to tell you about but you’ll just have to wait for now.

How was your weekend? Do you love wrap dresses?





Dress, shoes Valentino old, bag and sunglasses Chanel, earrings Baublebar

Have a stylish day.


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5 things to do in London this summer


The main thing I love about living in London? There’s never shortage of things to do! And so much of it is for free! So with summer fast approaching here’s a few tips on what to do in and around London this year.

1.) Enjoy the blooming season. Even though these pictures were taken by displays made especially for the RHS Chelsea flower show (which has now finished), there’s never a shortage of beautiful flower arrangements and the city is in full bloom right now. If you love flowers, make sure you visit some of the vast gardens and parks London has to offer. The gardens at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace are especially beautiful this time of the year and the rose garden in Hyde Park is my regular spot.  And let’s not forget Kew Gardens! They may seem a bit far out but so worth the trip! If you fancy a coffee and cake while enjoying blooming scenery, make sure you visit Peggy Porschen and you won’t be disappointed. They even have new flowery menu too.

2.) Make time for art and culture. The above photo was taken just before I visited the Swan Lake at Royal Opera House. I love going to ballet and opera and even theatre and musicals. There’s so much happening every day, we are literally spoilt for choice. And let’s not forget all the museums and galleries. This summer I’m definitely planning to see the Picasso exhibition, the Alaia one at Design museum is a must see and also the Monet and architecture. These are all paid for but if you want some culture without spending a penny, visit to National Gallery is always nice, also V&A museum is one of my favourites and the Wallace collection is just feast for eyes.

3.) Have a picnic. I don’t know how about you but I live outdoors in the summer. And I’m hoping for a really good weather this year. London has been quite good to us so far so let’s hope it stays. I just love having barbecues with friend and picnics even more. Throw some food in a basket, take a blanket, don’t forget your SPF and head to the nearest park. It’s likely you won’t be alone but it’s a great way to meet people too. Everyone is in better mood in the summer and definitely more chatty so who knows who you might bump into. Or take a book and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The nature really is at its best this time of the year.

4.) Make the most of the season. London really comes alive in the summer. There’s so many extra things happening. Many you have to book in advance but not all of them. I can’t wait for things like Wimbledon (on telly still haven’t been to the actually thing but definitely planning to one day..), ASCOT (even if you’re not into horse racing it’s such a fun thing to do), numerous festivals (whether musical or literary ones), open air theatre in Regent’s Park and pop ups and events that will be happening most of summer. I am excited just thinking about it.

5.) Take a trip. Fancy a bit of a change? London has great connections to so many places. Just hop on a train and you can go to the seaside, have a mini city break in some cute places (Cambridge is my favourite) or even jump on a Eurostar and be in Paris in two and a half hours. So what are you waiting for? Where is this summer going to take you?

What are your plans for this summer?


look 1: ASOS dress, Tabitha Simmons shoes, YSL bag, Prada sunglasses

look 2: ASOS dress, Zara blazer, Castaner shoes, Dolce and Gabbana bag, Miu Miu sunglasses

Have a stylish day.


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How I dropped a dress size without dieting


Skirt ASOS, blouse Zara similar, shoes Chanel, bag Dolce and Gabbana

I’m not here to talk about some miracle solution or a quick fix but I did drop a dress size and lost about 7kg not by dieting by changing my overall eating habits and while I had to make some sacrifices I can still eat a lot and never go hungry. And I will share with you my story.

I was always fairly healthy eater. I love fruit and veg, I’m not a big fan of heavy meals and prefer lighter options and I don’t really overeat, but my weakness is and always have been cheese and I used to eat a lot of bread (not because I loved it but because it’s an easy option).

My friend had been telling me for ages about Madeline Shaw books and how she loved the recipes and she felt better eating those delicious meals so I decided to give it a go. I purchased two of Shaw’s books – Ready, steady, glow and Get the glow. Little did I know all of the recipes were gluten and dairy free. So even though I still ate a lot I made two drastic changes – no cheese and milk and bread and pasta.

I switched to drinking black coffee which surprisingly wasn’t that difficult and now I can’t imagine coffee any other way. Cheese was the hardest to give up, but she allows you to have goat’s cheese and halloumi (which is my new obsession) because neither of them contains cow’s milk (it’s lactose from cow’s milk that is bad for you). So that wasn’t actually that bad and I never loved bread so that was easy not to have. I started making her recipes which really are delicious and usually easy to make (I’m not the best of cooks..) and could actually tell a difference in how I felt. What was only originally meant to be a week’s detox has developed into a complete lifestyle change and although I’m not as strict as I have been for first three months, I stick to it about 80 percent of the time because I really do feel better when I eat that way.

The weight loss has been kind of unexpected. It wasn’t why I started it in the first place, but it’s obviously welcome. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and I generally have more energy. Sometimes I slip and eat more naughty food but I can feel the difference and it’s generally easy to go back to my healthy habits. I can really tell when I’m eating good food and when not. I am not a coeliac (allergic to gluten) but maybe I am intolerant as I always used to be bloated and felt sluggish and that has mostly gone and I just genuinely feel better eating this way.

I know there has been a bit of a trend to go gluten free and I don’t thing it’s for everyone, but to be honest for me it was more about giving wheat (which is not the best for anyone..) that has made the biggest difference and of course lactose. I have been reading a lot about it and lactose is actually quite bad for most people and when I do have some (like I said I have my treats nowadays..) I can feel like heavy it is in my stomach. So then I’m happy to go back to being good because it feels better and therefore it’s not difficult to keep these habits. I have my days when I indulge but not very often.

So what I eat in a typical day?

For breakfast I usually have gluten free porridge or musli (I like to make it with water – don’t ask me why), but you can use coconut milk or almond milk (they are both delicious alternatives) I always add cinnamon and some seeds and then vary the toppings like berries or almond butter or whatever else I fancy.

For lunch I will often have rice, quinoa or buckwheat with chicken or fish or roasted vegetables with sweet potatoes. I try to use some of Madeline Shaw’s recipes – the lunches I tend to make the most from her books. After lunch I usually have coffee and a little treat. I love these “healthy cakes” as I call them which are gluten, dairy, wheat and refined sugar free but actually taste amazing. They are a bit pricey but I’d rather get that than a chocolate bar and you know they’re made from good ingredients. There’s a lot of them out there these days and you can get them in healthy shops and many other places.

I need to eat regularly (I’m hungry all the time) so I snack on fruit, nuts or oatcakes.

For dinner it’s usually salad with halloumi, fish or other protein. Dinner is where I am strictest. I have big breakfast and lunch but try to control myself in the evenings. Saying that, when I go out for dinner I often go for steak or burger (and try to resist the fries and bun). But I believe in everything in moderations so sometimes I’ll have the fries and sometimes I will even have pizza!

As I said at the beginning I was strict for about 3 months (that’s when the weight loss happened) but I’ve kept the weight down since even with my healthy cakes and occasional naughty treats. It’s been over a year now and I really do feel better and get compliments all the time how I look better so that always helps 🙂

I hope this was helpful to you. If you’re thinking about making some eating changes I do think these are healthy attainable habits and I would recommend you to get the books as they changed my life and hopefully they will change yours too. If you do so let me know I would love to hear about your experience.

On a quick not I would like to say that we’re very lucky here in London because there is many places with healthy meal options if you want to eat out. This post was show at the Dalloway Terrace where I had a delicious quinoa salad and they had lot of other yummy options too, I also like Elan cafe (they have a great selection of gluten free cakes), but that place get very busy and Farm girl has a lot of great options too. But this is just a few out of many. What are your favourite places for healthy food?

In this post from about year and a half ago you can see the difference in my appearance I think. What do you think?

Have you tried gluten or wheat free diet? Do you consume dairy? How do you feel?







Have a stylish day.


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Ready for Spring


Coat Whistles, jeans J Brand, shirt Joie, shoes and sunglasses Chanel, bag Gucci

Ok so I’m going to start with contradicting myself. Although I am SO ready for Spring and want to talk more about Spring trends and so on, I want to talk first about this coat, but hopefully it’s the last time this season I am talking about coats and from next post on it’ll be all SPRING, SPRING, SPRING.

The reason I want to talk about this coat is because a) I love it and b) it’s an alert for tall girls like me. I’m sorry if you don’t fall into that category but all tall girls will relate how difficult it is to buy certain things. People say things like you’re lucky because you’re tall and you can wear this and that but they don’t realise there’s many things we can’t wear. Or we can but they just don’t look right. One of the things that can be tricky is things with belts, The belts just sit in the wrong place on us and it doesn’t always work. And I love belted/wrap items because they give an illusion of a waist that is not very prominent on me..

Anyway I really wanted to buy a nice coat in the sales as an investment for next winter but also for the fact that by the time the sales come you have been already living in your coats for quite some time and you’re probably bored of them so it’s nice to add something fresh. I was looking at various places and that’s how I discovered Whistles. It’s not a place I’m used to shopping at (not sure why) but it turns out they’re good for taller girls. I tried few coats on in there and they fitted very well. The belts fit where they’re supposed to and they have some nice styles at reasonable prices (especially in sales). And since then few people confirmed to me that Whistles really is made for taller girls. So I’m going to explore it more..

And that’s me finished with winter now. I am totally over it now and literally cannot wait for the weather to warm up and start shedding layers. So I promise from now on I’ll be only sharing Spring looks. I’ve bought few new season pieces recently which I can’t wait to show you and I’m going to Barcelona next week which will be perfect opportunity to wear some of them. Bring it on! I want to start YouTube soon and will try to shoot something in the Spanish city so hopefully you’ll like it. I will tell you all about it nearer the time.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is my new found love for pyjama shirts. They’re becoming more and more popular and now I can see why. It’s interesting because I find them quite masculine and my style is very feminine, but you can actually wear them a feminine way and they’re so cool and comfy. I am a convert now. It started with this Joie one which I really liked since the first minute I saw it. I guess it was for obvious reasons (it’s pink), but I also like the print and there was simply something about it. Since then I’ve been eyeing others as well. There’s many of them around and although I wouldn’t wear the whole pyjama as outerwear look (although never say never) I’ll definitely be adding more of them to my wardrobe.

Do you like pyjama shirts? Do you/would you wear them out with the matching trousers? I’d love to know what you think.








Have a stylish day.



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How to beat those winter blues


Dress via ASOS (now half price!), boots ASOS old, bag Valentino

I don’t know about you but January can be a struggle for me. Yesterday I was feeling down all day for no reason. But when you get up and it’s dark and finish work and it’s dark and there is hardly any sunshine and it’s constantly grey it’s harder to be upbeat. We all suffer from winter blues unless you live somewhere where it’s nice and sunny all year round. But maybe those people get sad too.

It’s not just the weather anyway.  I think we all love that exciting time before Christmas, the anticipation of unwrapping presents, all the decorations everywhere.. It’s a wonderful time of the year. And then the celebrations of the year that has been and what’s to come. And suddenly it’s all over and there seems to be this big anticlimax. The winter has been too long by now, wearing boots and cosy jumpers is not a novelty any more and we seem to have nothing to look forward to. But I’ve come up with few ideas that make January and February (my two least favourite months) more bearable.

I’m not going to let winter win. Who’s with me? Starting with setting no unachievable New Year’s resolutions (they can only make you feel worse) but realistic goals. If you love chocolate and tell yourself you’ll have no chocolate at all for the rest of your life it can only make you miserable right? How about reducing the amount of chocolate. Or if you never exercise telling yourself you’ll exercise every day is probably going to be a big fail too. So start with small achievable targets like doing a bit of exercise at least once or twice a week. And then start adding up.

My main goal for this year (as I already mentioned in this post) is to concentrate on the blog. Being creative makes me happy and blogging makes me happy. Although sometimes I find it hard to find the balance between my full time job and spending time on the blog. But that’s the goal to find the balance and do more of what I love.

Also I think January is a good time to start planning some holidays. Not only there is a lot of good deals around, when you have something to look forward to it definitely makes grey days better. My plans for this year is to visit NYC, Florence, Barcelona and Amsterdam (let’s see how many I can tick off) and I’ve been looking at few websites already. Time to start booking! Also I may go for few day trips to Paris as I love them. They’re so easy to make from London. What places do you want to visit this year?

But all these things are long term or for the future. So how to make yourself happier now? Do things you enjoy and maybe try new things. It’s always great to discover something new and you may learn new things about yourself while you’re at it. When it’s grey and horrible outside there’s nothing better than getting under a blanket and get gripped by a good book (sometimes I find it hard to find time for it although I love books!) or visiting a museum or gallery. We’re very lucky here in London as there is so much on offer but I’m sure that where you live there are some exhibitions or other cultural stuff happening. Check your local papers or have a look on the internet.

I went to Paris on the 5th January to see the Dior exhibition and it was amazing. It made me so happy and inspired. There’s nothing to get your creative juices flowing than visiting an exhibition. See pictures here. There’s quite a few of them also here. And today I went to see a Harper’s Bazaar exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum in London. There was some great photography on display and again it left me inspired. For me doing things like this really make life much better and while I love spending time outdoors I can’t think of anything better when it’s cold and miserable. I always share lots of insights on my instastories so even if you can’t go you can experience it so make sure you follow my Instagram.

Also this time of the year more than any is important to make time for your friends, meet up somewhere nice for coffee and cake and have a good old catch up. You will all feel better for it. And how about watching a movie? There seem to be quite a few coming out in the next few weeks. The two I definitely want to see are All the money in the world (real story about the Getty family) and Darkest hour (about Winston Churchill). What movies can’t you wait to see?

But there’s also little things you can do every day that can make you smile. Like buying yourself fresh flowers (or buying them for someone else), de-cluttering your wardrobe and making it ready for spring or even updating your living space. I’ve just been changing my bedroom after 3 and a half years and I’m very excited I’m doing it little by little but can’t wait to show you the final result.

Let me know your little tips on how to make winter more bearable. What keeps you going on those blues days? I can’t wait to hear.






Have a stylish day.



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Happy New Year 2018


cashmere gilet Winser London, jeans J Brand, boots ASOS, bag Gucci

Happy New Year 2018! I don’t know how about you but I am actually very excited for this year. I feel like last couple of years have been building up to something and this year I’m going to reap the rewards. Well there’s hope anyway..

If I’m very frank my biggest hope is to finally meet the one. I am happily single and trying to enjoy every day and do a lot of things on my own. 2017 has been great, I’ve been travelling, exploring new places, trying new things but it would be nice to share it all with someone special. I am turning 37 in March and feel like time is running out for me. So hopefully this can be the year.

Also I really want to focus on the blog. I have been blogging on and off but I do really enjoy it and always come back to it and want to really concentrate on it this year. Social media can be a curse and a blessing. I find it hard to find the right balance sometimes. I’m either spending too much time on it or too little. So I need to find the happy medium. But I will try and post more regularly and I have few ideas on different posts I want to do. So stay tuned.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but I definitely want to up my fitness regime and do yoga more regularly. I always feel so much better after I just don’t do it often enough. It’s easy to make excuses but it can be done and I want to get fitter and healthier.

But the one definitely attainable aim for this year is to go to theatre more. I love doing artsy things I just feel I don’t do it often enough. So the goal for this year is to see at least one show or exhibition a month (and review it here too).  It can be anything. There’s so much to do in London and that’s why I love the city so much. Who’s with me?

And I actually have something planned for January already. I am going to Paris this Friday to see the Dior exhibition which is finishing on Sunday so I’m glad I haven’t missed it. I love fashion and fashion exhibitions and of course Paris (this will be my 8th trip) so you can imagine how excited I am about this. You can follow my journey on instastories this Friday January 8th (Instagram) and there will be a post about it soon too.

Make sure you let me know what are your goals and dreams for this year. I’m curious to hear!

Wishing you all an incredible 2018. Let’s make it the best year yet.





Have a stylish day.


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September – new beginnings


Dress ASOS (old), shoes Alexandre Birman, bag Valentino, sunglasses Chanel

They say September is the new January. Time for new beginnings..

It’s the start of new school year, new season is upon us with the leaves slowly changing colour and starting to fall, fashion month shows what we’re going to wear in Spring/Summer next year and there seems to be an overall sense of newness.

For me it’s definitely a new beginning. I am back to blogging after a long summer break. I wish I could tell you I was having too much fun this summer with no time to blog, but the truth is I just burnt out. I was working too much for too long with my full time job and giving all my spare time to blogging and social media, that one day out of a blue I just couldn’t do it any more. I felt exhausted, demotivated and uninspired.

I took a proper detox hardly looking or spending any time on Instagram, FB or any other network but it didn’t stop there. I started spending more time at home, reading books, watching movies and not doing much else which is quite unlike me. But I guess it’s what I needed.

Overall I can’t say it was a great summer for me because I am usually very outgoing and spending so much time at home (though I needed it) feels like a bit of a waste. But sometimes you need to completely switch off to realise what makes you happy.

I did enjoy reading more and that’s something I definitely need to keep up, but I also started meditating and realised how much I need my friends. I spend a lot of time on my own, doing things I like and going out but sharing it all with friends is so much better and I will make more effort to see everyone and maybe make new friends too.

And there’s another thing! If you remember my aim to do one thing every month, the goal for September was to learn something new. And I started learning French and I’m loving it so far! It’s difficult and fun at the same time, but it really makes me happy. When I remember how to say thing and say them well it puts a smile on my face. If you have been reading my blog for some time you might know that I love Paris and have visited quite a few times already. So hopefully next time when I go I can practice what I’ve learnt. I could also imagine living there one day so it’s definitely a motivation to study hard. I will keep you posted how it’s going.

How has your summer been?







Have a stylish day.


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My guide to Paris


Jeans Donna Ida, blazer Zara, bag Valentino, flats and brooch Chanel

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Parisian series so far and my outfit ideas for summer weddings and other joyous occasions. You can see again here look 1, 2 and 3.

Today’s last look is casual and perfect for strolling the street of the French capital. It was my 6th time in Paris and I am definitely not and expert and there is so much more I want to explore myself, but here is a little list of things I really enjoyed and recommend.

Paris is so much more than Louvre and the Eiffel Tower (I both enjoy very much). And the more I get to know the city the more I enjoy just strolling around or sitting in a cute café sipping espresso and people watching.

Talking of coffee, you may want to add Laudree and the Ritz on your list for a cappuccino and a cake. Neither of them are the cheapest places, but when on holiday you should treat yourself and I really enjoy both.

After you fuelled up you may want to see some art and I recommend both  the Musee D’Orsay (where you can take this picture and enjoy the views) and Orangerie especially if you like the Impressionists.

Walking around the Montmartre is a must a there’s a little train that stops just outside Sacre Coeur and for 6 euros will take you around the area and Moulin Rouge and it’s really lovely. Sacre Coeur is of course a must visit too. Both inside the stunning basilica and walking like gazillion steps up the dome. The views are incredible.

This is just a few highlights but I could go on.. I don’t want to overwhelm you. I’m planning another trip this year anyway so then I’ll share some more with yo then. But if you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.

Have you been to Paris before? What are your must dos?






Have a stylish day.


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What to wear to a wedding – part 3 (Petit Palais)


Dress Asos, shoes Chloe, bag Gucci

This is the last part of my series shot in Paris as an inspiration for summer wedding outfits. See again part 1 and 2. Any of these dresses can be dressed up or down and used for many different occasions.

What I like about this one (apart from the beautiful print) is the fact it’s got long sleeve. I can tell you it was quite a challenge to find a nice dress with a long sleeve. But the fact is the weather in the UK is rather unpredictable so sometimes long sleeve is a good idea and also sometime you may want to cover up more for religious reasons or any other. I personally like a longer sleeve sometime but like I said I find them much harder to find.

The dress is made from chiffon and is very lightweight and I love how it moves when you’re walking. It’s got an open back so you’re not completely covered up and it’s just so nice to wear.

On another note, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, make sure you get a visit of Petit Palais on your agenda. Not only is the building itself amazing, it contains some really great art and the garden is very pretty. There’s a little café inside where you can sit and have a coffee while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You can’t go wrong.

Do you like dresses with long sleeves? Where do you usually get them?






Have a stylish day.


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April goal: Try something new


I’m actually excited about this one. In April, the goal is to try something new. And it could be something easy like try a new food or visit a new gallery, but I want to push myself a bit more than that. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet, but I’m toying with the idea of going to an event organized for single people like a cooking class or something. My friend Victoria suggested it the other day, as she really wants me coupled up.. And I though it would kill two birds with one stone as not only I would meet new people (maybe not necessary the one) but I could also try something new. So I will let you know next month..

Last month’s goal was to have the best birthday. If you read the March post you would have known that my birthday fell on Mothers Day this year and therefore I’d be spending it alone. But I must say I’ve had one of the best birthdays in years!

Three days prior to my birthday I spent in Paris and I had absolutely amazing time. It was my 6th time in the French capital and I enjoy it more each time I go. Because I’ve done most of the touristy stuff now, I can just stroll around, wander the beautiful streets and stumble upon things and watch people go about their lives and just enjoy. And that’s what I did. I’ve got lots more to tell you about Paris in upcoming posts and of course I have plenty of pictures too so stay tuned.

I came back on Saturday evening before my actual birthday and shared a bottle of Prosecco with my friend. On Sunday I woke up quite early, skyped with my parents for ages and went to Harvey Nichols for a facial at the Dr. Thomas clinic which was unusual but great and I will do a review of that at some point too. Afterwards I went for a stroll around Notting Hill and for lunch at my favourite Farm Girl Café. If you haven’t been yet, put it on your list.

With my belly full I walked slowly to Kensington Palace enjoying the beautiful weather and London in bloom. In there I visited the Diana exhibition which I highly recommend. It featured quite a few of her outfits and sketches of designs she created with designers and lots of photos of her. It was very inspiring (she dressed so well) and quite emotional (her story is so sad..) If you get a chance go see it. I may go again because even though it’s quite a small exhibition it really is good.

So even though I’m 36 and single and most of my friends are in relationships or married with children I can tell you I am enjoying my life right now. It’s not perfect (is it ever?) but I’m travelling to places I love and exploring new cities and doing whatever I want and yes it would be nice to share it with someone but I’m having fun nonetheless and that’s what life is about.

Are you single and happy? Have you ever spent birthday on your own?